A work assistant with space to do work

Speak or write to Atlas just like you would to a real assistant to get any task done across your tools and do better focused work with an AI-powered work suite.
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Your super powered work assistant

Delegate tasks to Atlas instead of writing another to-do on your list. Speak or write to Atlas just like you would to a real assistant to get any work done across your tools.

Schedule meetings
Organize anything instantly
Update tasks/projects
Set reminders
Create documents
Organize your day
Use all of your knowledge

Writing that feels like magic

Write smart documents with AI using your past work and company knowledge. You can weave your past projects into new projects effortlessly, using the groundwork you’ve already done, by pulling from docs, project requirements, and your company's knowledge base, to create brilliant work that completes redundant projects. Write, edit, and use context-aware AI inside your own documents.

Context-aware AI
Build off your past work
Evrything you need in one place
Get hyper focus  
Directly edit text using AI
Automatically complete text
Use Context from anywhere

Notes that turn into actions

Notes are like Slacks. It's like talking to your own brain. Effortlessly capture thoughts on the go by clicking Command-A. Reference your past notes and ideas effortlessly by seeing them in one place while still being able to search for them for easy organization.

Automated task detection
Ask AI about your notes
Let AI-take meeting notes
Write in single strands of thought
Use AI to help you think
Record notes live from meetings

All your tasks in one place

All your tasks across your tools in one organized place. From Asana, Jira, that notes you scribbled, to that thing your boss asked you for over Slack are auto-detected and synced.

Auto-detected tasks across your tools
Delegate tasks with one-click
Centralized to-do's
Ask AI about your tasks
Organize and sort your tasks
Manage across different tools
Use AI to help you complete

Atlas works wherever you do

All of your workplace tools just got an upgrade. Use information across any of your tools to ask questions like "What are my priorities for the day? to "Where is that document Sarah sent me?" So you can stay on top of everything easily.

Get work done across your tools by asking
Update your management sofware without opening it
Use any information to create smart documents
Auto-detected tasks from Slack so you never drop the ball
Search Your Integrations
Read Data From Them
Make updates and changes to them

We believe in constantly making adjustments in how we approach building an assistant capable of solving the biggest challenges of modern work.

If you have a burning idea you'd like to share with us or a request for a new capability simply email us at buildthis@useatlas.ai and if we choose to build it, you will be the first to know.

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