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Cut your workday
in half with AI

Talk naturally to Atlas to quickly schedule meetings, search your apps, manage tasks and capture thoughts — by tapping into everything you’ve ever created, you can produce your best work yet.

Work at the speed of thought

Your one-click command center for everything. Take notes, schedule meetings, update projects, create generative AI outputs, and find anything across all your work apps

Personal AI Work Assistant
App Search
Synchronized Workspace
Notes & Tasks
Store & Reference Anything

Your personal AI work assistant

AI that's as unique as you are
Your job, your company, your co-workers, and your projects, are unique. Atlas uses your data to create a personal AI that’s most helpful to you
Atlas builds a personalized knowledge graph of everything you know, to help you with whatever you're working on
Use AI through out your entire day and where you need it most
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Your personal search engine
Find anything across all your work apps. Search by keyword, date, association – whatever you think of
From thought, to action instantly
Turn ideas into action with a quick chat. Create meetings, or documents in seconds
Talk to your projects
Get a 360 view of all your days work and to-do's across all your apps in one place

One keyboard shortcut to capture, save and write

Note ideas the moment they strike
Dump thoughts and go with one click. Never interrupt your flow or let that spark of genius slip away. Let AI tag and organize so you can stay focused on what matters
Add To Atlas
Clip anything on the go
Save anything from snippets to entire web pages. Use these references later for highly tailored AI outputs
AI-first note taking
Let Atlas do the boring parts for you
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Search your entire professional knowledge base...
All of your work apps, made searchable
Find anything across across all your documents, emails, conversations, and work apps. Search by keyword, date, association – whatever you think of first to find anything instantly. 

You deserve a better workday, everyday

Stop living groundhog day with back-to-back meetings, endless searches for information, hopping between apps, and chasing down updates — all set to the constant soundtrack of Slack pings
Gain a sense of control over your day
With Atlas, you'll always know what to do next to make meaningful progress on your projects
Hey Atlas, tell me about my day
Hey Atlas, tell me about my day!
Good Morning! Here are your top priorities for today:

Review the Go-To-Market strategy document: Approval is needed to finalize the plan for the new product launch happening next week.

Meet with the Creative Team: The team needs your approval on new campaign...
GTM Strategy
Creative Team meeting
50% of your waking life is spent working. Make it count
Net Years Spent Working
Turn anything into a to-do
Work can be messy. You need to be able to make those on-off slack asks or a section of meeting notes a task. Highlight and right click to transform static into action items
Organization that handles itself
Effortless organization is your new superpower. Easily tag notes, tasks, docs, emails, and chats. Then use your tags for personalized AI outputs and projects that complete themselves

Your mind and data are yours. Period

You need ownership over your brilliance, ideas, and creations now more than ever
Atlas is AI you can trust.
You own all your data.  Our AI is not trained on it. Your documents, notes, and company knowledge are completely private

Humans working while robots create our art isn't the future we signed up for.